It may surprise you to learn that people have turned to chiropractors for over one hundred years to solve all types of health related issues spanning from sinus problems to foot pain.

Below is a list of common situations that can cause pain which could be greatly remedied by obtaining chiropractic care. This applies for Las Vegas residents as well as everyone else, and Tropicana West Chiropractic is there for all of your pain relief needs.


Serious trauma can lead to damaging spinal misalignment that can automatically put a person into immense pain. These injuries will affect your structure and can seriously irritate the discs, bones, nerves and ligaments in your spine. Unfortunately, there are also times when an accident may seem minor at first, but still cause misalignments that can damage your nerves. The pain caused by these seemingly ‘minor’ accidents will continue to increase until the underlying problem is fixed. Here at Tropicana West Chiropractic, we can perform a simple spinal exam that will give us a heads up if you have problems that could turn serious. Our job is to make sure you don’t suffer any long-term ill effects from the accident, and we take that job very seriously.

Injuries Related to Work or Sports

Modern medicine has discovered the unfortunate fact that simple repetitive motions at work can lead to a subluxation (partial displacement of an organ or joint). This can also occur if some part of the body is being overused at work or during play. This condition can impede the nerves within a person’s spine and will most likely negatively affect their reflexes, strength, performance, endurance and range of motion. We at Tropicana West Chiropractic in Las Vegas may ensue  the body to heal naturally and thus restore all of the normal functions that a person’s spinal nerves once had. We’ll be able to get you back to the top of your performance in both your play and work lives.


If your proper nerve flow is interrupted for any reason whatsoever, it can eventually or immediately lead to serious pain, permanent disabilities and a decrease in your quality of life in general. Many people think that they simply have to live with the pain, but this assumption is absolutely false. Our professionals are amongst the greatest chiropractors in Las Vegas. At Tropicana West Chiropractic, we can definitely find the root cause of your pain. Our chiropractors will work to get your body back to the way it was intended to be, and this will greatly promote the restoration of good health to your body.


Having a baby is often the most enjoyable and exciting time in most people’s lives; because honestly, who doesn’t love babies? Unfortunately, this happy time is often marred by pain that can be caused by the additional weight a mother puts on during the pregnancy. The extra weight will always put more pressure on a person’s spine which in turn can cause serious stress on the back and cause constant lower back pain. Several women who have gone through the process of child birth both before and after receiving chiropractic care have reported that they were far more relaxed and comfortable with labor after the care. Pregnancy and childbirth can be a very happy yet painful time in an expectant mother’s life, so our chiropractors at Tropicana West Chiropractic work hand-in-hand with obstetricians to replace as much pain as possible with sheer comfort.


Children are able to have fun doing things that most parents have simply forgotten how to enjoy. Unfortunately, many of these playful activities or sports can jar a child’s body and affect their spinal alignment. A child can even experience spinal problems if their car seat isn’t properly positioned or fitted while in a vehicle. The professionals at Tropicana West Chiropractic can provide regular spinal checkups for your child so that any issues can be detected early, and if problems are already causing pain, we can provide corrective care and prevent further damage from occurring.


Teenage bodies may give off the appearance of being more stabilized than their younger counterparts, but they are in fact still in the process of growing. Modern teenagers engage in a multitude of active hobbies that can sometimes lead to developing spinal issues. Here at Tropicana West Chiropractic, we can provide preventive and restorative care for teenager spinal problems. Our chiropractors will also make sure that your teen understands the benefits of exercise, good posture, proper diet and overall healthy lifestyles. Regular visits to our chiropractors will ensure that a teen’s body stays functionally and structurally sound, and we’ll make sure they have a head start on a quality life.

The Golden Years

It should be a joyous time when we reach our golden years. The experiences and joys in our lives are often enough to keep us happy throughout the years. Unfortunately, many individuals know that reaching the golden years also brings with it several physical ailments related to making it that far. Most doctors will simply provide you with prescription drugs or surgery to decrease any pain, but little is actually done to correct the underlying problem. What’s even worse is the fact that we live in a society that rarely focuses on preventive care. It’s an unfortunate truth that many professionals simply chalk the pain up to getting a little older.

Luckily, this doesn’t always have to be the case. The chiropractors at Tropicana West Chiropractic have extensive knowledge and experience with the effects that growing older has on your body. They’ve been helping individuals in your exact situation handle the pains and aches that often accompany aging for years. We will also always provide simple tips on how you can increase your quality of life by just changing little things like your diet, stress management and exercise routine. It is often difficult to change habits that you’ve developed over the years, but it’s never too late to start living a healthier life.

I Feel Fine!

It’s hard to put a price on a well functioning body. Feeling great, however, can make people forget that even the most high powered engines in the world need maintenance every so often to stay at the top of their game. If you feel better than perfect, the chiropractors at Tropicana West Chiropractic will do our best to help your body stay at its peak level of fitness and health. Unfortunately, many people find out too late that spinal irregularities can exist for years before they’re even detectable. Having periodic checkups with the professional chiropractors here at Tropicana West Chiropractic will ensure early detection of any joint or spinal disorders.


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