Common questions regarding the use of Chiropractic care and whether or not it is safe to use a Chiropractor.

Here at Tropicana West Chiropractic, we have prepared some of these common questions with answers for you to review.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a very safe and effective way of dealing with certain ailments without the use of prescription medications and unnecessary surgeries. The Chiropractic philosophy is the common principle that your body is a self healing, self regenerating entity that processes control of these important functions through the bodies own brain, nerves and spinal cord, starting with the skull which protects our most delicate and important tissue – our brain. From there, you have the spine, which is a moving column of bones which is designed and intended to protect the delicate pathways of communication starting from the spinal cord and extending to all the bodies nerve roots.  If the spine is not aligned properly, it can cause a malfunction of this process, leading to a miscommunication in the tissues and organs of the body.  Realigning these miscommunications helps the body to heal faster and more efficiently while reinforcing its own natural ability to heal itself. The most essential things to understand about Chiropractic care are:

  • It treats the core cause of your ailment and not just the symptoms that are presenting. There are plenty of cases where the symptoms are not even being displayed which is why routine exams with a Chiropractor are recommended.
  • It removes the blockages within your nerves to expedite your bodies own natural healing process.
  • It strengthens your immune system by relieving built up tension and stress which can cause it to break down, making you healthier and filled with more vitality
How does Chiropractic Care work?

Innate within your body is the ability to heal and be healthy. Chiropractic treatments restore this ability by providing optimal function of your nervous system, proper alignment of your spine, and a non invasive approach to health care. When you have proper alignment of your spine, the communication lines are open and your body can then do what it is designed to do. Regular chiropractic treatments helps your body ward off disease and poor health because all of your body’s tissues, organs and cells are working together in unison. When this alignment is thrown off, it can cause devastating results, leading to poor health, pain, disease, fatigue, etc. Uncorrected misalignments can cause major impairments leading to irritated or impaired function of the nerve cells. Our Chiropractors work to correct this and return your body to normal function by using spinal adjustments or spinal decompression which removes the interferences within the joints of the body.

What education do Chiropractic Doctors receive?

Chiropractors are extremely well educated, receiving a specialized training in the science and art of anatomy, neurology, physiology, pathology, biomechanics, x-ray, spinal adjustments and other related fields of study. It is through this demanding and rigorous curriculum that Chiropractors are able to accurately assess and locate the cause of the subluxation and help restore the proper function of the nervous system. Once they have graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree, they must then pass not only the demanding National Board Examination, but also apply to a governmental or state licensing board. Las Vegas Chiropractors complete continuing education courses each year as part of their licensure with the State of Nevada.

Why do Children need Chiropractic Care?

Children can sustain significant spinal misalignment from the birthing process.  Some parents find it common to get their newborns a Chiropractic exam after birth to ensure that no subluxations have occurred. All regular childhood activities (such as learning to walk, riding a bike, playing sports, etc) can cause spinal misalignment. There are several childhood ailments that parents frequently dismiss as growing pains which can be linked to a spinal misalignment which is treatable by a chiropractor. Most children respond favorably and parents report having healthier children.

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